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Dress Code for Students

Dress Code for Students

Dress and Grooming Code

Philosophy: In a society where clothing styles are more a reflection of fashion than individuality, it is important
that the district establish a set of standards for dress which can assist students as they prepare to take greater
responsibility for themselves and their future years, when dress code can be an important consideration.
Since our community residents, school board members, staff, and students take pride in the district’s image, it is
essential that a student dress and grooming code enhance the educational process and foster a positive attitude
toward learning and behavior as well as provide for a healthy and safe atmosphere devoid of distractions.
We feel there is a relationship between appearance and the attitude with which a student approaches learning.
Therefore, a personal dress code built on mere fashion will become outmoded within a few years. A dress code,
which places emphasis on individual responsibility for general good grooming and dress, should remain in effect.
It is important that one’s mode of dress be conducive to maintaining an atmosphere that will enable the school to
achieve its educational objectives and enhance student safety. Anything that is a deterrent or distraction to
teaching or learning is obviously not appropriate nor in good taste.
Note: The interpretation and judgment relative to the student dress and grooming code rests solely with school
officials and is final. Not all dress and grooming items can be listed in any code; therefore, extremes in dress and
grooming are not permitted and are determined at the discretion of school officials. The code will be reviewed
periodically by the Board of Education and administration with input from teacher representatives, parent
representatives, and representatives of the student body through either survey or meeting, at the discretion of
school officials.
Students who are in violation of the dress and grooming code may receive disciplinary consequences, as well as,
being sent home to correct the violation. Students may also be sent to the office or DMR to await clothing being
brought from home to correct the dress and grooming code violation. Class time missed due to a violation is
considered to be unexcused time. Thus, assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. missed while correcting a dress and
grooming code violation will result in a grade of zero (0) and may not be made up.
Parents/Guardians are requested to review these dress and grooming code items with their children. In addition,
parents/guardians are requested to preview their child(ren)’s dress prior to sending them to school or school
functions. Should parents or students have a question regarding a particular garment, the student or parent may
bring the item to the school for an assessment as to whether the particular item meets the code specifications
prior to wearing the item to school.

School sponsored uniforms may receive an exception to some of the rules below. In addition, participation in a
school sponsored extracurricular or co-curricular activity may involve adhering to a more stringent dress and
grooming code.

Clothing that depicts or promotes profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or violence;
Clothing that promotes the use or abuse of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol;
Clothing worn in such a manner so as to reveal any undergarments, or bare skin between the upper chest
and mid-thigh both in the front and in the back;
Shirts or tops that are not attached over the shoulders or upper arms;
See-through, mesh garments;
Pajamas or sleepwear (except on specially designated spirit days, etc.);
Pants or shorts worn below waist level;
Pants or shorts with holes or tears located ABOVE the mid-thigh level;
Clothing that is either excessively baggy or excessively tight and revealing;
Skirts, dresses, or shorts that do not extend to the mid-thigh;
Sunglasses or non-religious face coverings worn inside school building;
Hats, caps, hoods, or other head coverings worn inside school building;
Earbuds, headphones or other electronic listening devices worn in or on the ears. (Except as required by
and/or approved by a teacher for academic purposes while in their classroom only.);
Any other article of apparel that is overly revealing, deemed to be a safety concern, or deemed to be
provocative in any way.

Proper footwear is required at all times. Flip-flops are not recommended for school wear. Students who choose to
wear flip-flops should have another pair of shoes on hand to wear should their flip-flops break. Students are not
permitted to tape/fix broken flip-flops in order to attend class. Slippers and Bare feet are not permitted at school.
Piercings are permitted. Studs are required for all piercings other than in the ears. Hoops, chains, and other
“dangling” piercings present a significant safety risk and may not be worn other than on the ears.
Backpacks or other types of book bags and satchels (or purses large enough to carry books) are permitted in the
hallways, cafeteria, lobby areas or classrooms. Students will not be assigned lockers.
Special programs, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, athletics, band, choir, work-study programs,
vocational programs, physical education class, etc. may establish dress and grooming requirements that are more
or less stringent. Such requirements are in the interest of efficient performance and a uniform appearance before
the public. School sponsored uniforms may be authorized by school officials for wear during school hours so long
as the uniform complies with the school dress code. Minor exceptions may be made to this dress and grooming
code for school sponsored extracurricular activities and formal dances. Students may be denied
admittance/attendance at these types of events due to extremes in dress or if their dress is intended to degrade or
“make fun of” (poor sportsmanship) visiting teams, groups, or individuals. Pro NPHS dress is encouraged for
contests both home and away. The interpretation and judgment relative to the student dress and grooming
code rests solely with school officials and is final.
We believe that proper etiquette, social customs, and good grooming are a definite part of the educational
process. New Philadelphia Schools are committed to instill and maintain a high standard of student dress that will
prepare our students for future real world opportunities. Furthermore, the goal of dress code is to ensure safety,
comfort, and limit the amount of disruption to the educational environment.
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