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Information for Current CCP Students & Parents

College Credit Plus Textbook Information

 College Credit Plus Textbook Information 
Fall semester CCP materials are due to be returned Monday, December 12, 2022. All materials purchased at the bookstore or borrowed from the library should be returned to the high school library. Materials rented from the bookstore must be returned to the bookstore. If you are unsure of where to return your specific materials, please check with Mrs. Claxon or Mrs. Anzalone in the library. 

To order CCP materials for spring 2023, please complete the online form. Pick-up information will be sent by email or text when your materials are available. 
Information for Prospective CCP Students and Parents

2022-2023 College Credit Plus Program - New Philadelphia High School

Important Information For Students and Parents
The College or University, not the High School, determines whether or not a student is admitted into the College Credit Plus (CCP) program, and if admitted, to what extent.

Students enrolled in CCP must, no matter their chronological age, be mature, independent, and responsible enough to handle the role of “college student.” There is a high expectation of study time outside the classroom in college courses. Additionally, there will be times during the school day when students will not be at NPHS or at college (travel time, no college classes on Friday, etc.) and therefore on their own without supervision.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the college campus.

Students can not earn more than the equivalent of 30 total sem. hours per academic year. (If student is part time CCP, each high school credit is multiplied by 3, then subtracted from 30).

Students must pass their college courses. Students/parents are responsible for paying cost of books and tuition for any failed college courses and for courses dropped after the deadline.

Athletes are responsible for providing their grades each nine weeks to the Athletic Department in order to provide proof of eligibility. It is important to note that in college, official grades are only given at the end of each semester. Therefore, students must acquire a report of their grades from their professors at the end of the first and third nine-weeks.

College policy stipulates that parents do not have access to their child’s college information. Only the student, no matter the chronological age, can request this information.

There may be schedule conflicts between NPHS and the college, so there is no guarantee that a student will be able to take all requested courses.

Students and parents must notify NPHS in writing of their intent to participate in the CCP Program, along with a signed form by April 1st.  Please stop by the guidance office to pick up your form, or click link below.  
 The next step is for the student to enroll on the Kent State Tusc. website.  Once that has been completed, please see the form at the end instructing parent/student signature on the CCP Permission Form.  Please print it out, sign and return to the NPHS Guidance office.  WE WILL MAIL IT FOR YOU with a copy of your transcript.  
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