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tag line 2020-21 School Year FAQs

What will the first week of school look like?

The New Philadelphia City Schools will begin for K-12 students on August 31st with a phased-in approach. This first week will have fewer students in attendance each day and will be dedicated to helping students build relationships, receive their Chromebook, practice all aspects of the Responsible Restart Plan, assess for learning, become familiar with their technology, and begin instruction.  This week will also be used for families to become familiar with the Responsible Restart Plan, their child’s schedule, and their child’s technology.  

Week of August 31st Schedule

The following week, the District will operate under the appropriate Plan as determined by the current state COVID Emergency Level at that time.

Does the New Philadelphia City School District plan to open on August 31st with all students attending school five days per week?

We hope to open on August 31st to all students. We know our community values our schools and desires for all students to safely return to classrooms on a daily basis. We will have schedules, class lists, and bus routes “ready to roll” for the first day.

We are also prepared for different contingencies if conditions change. The Responsible Restart is intended to provide an overview of three educational delivery scenarios and one fully digital option that we are prepared for as a District:

  • Plan A - 100% In-Person Education

  • Plan B - Modified In-Person Education (A combination of in-person & remote education)

  • Plan C - 100% Remote Education


  • New Philadelphia Virtual Academy - Fully Online/Digital Education

Families will have the choice of enrolling their students in the NP Virtual Academy or keeping their students in which plan the New Philadelphia City School District is operating under (Plan A, B, or C).

What factors will cause the District to shift Plans?

The following are the factors that New Philadelphia City School District will use to make their decision as to which plan to operate under - consultation with the New Philadelphia Health Dept, the County’s Risk Level, and internal factors/data.

Crosswalk Tuscarawas County Risk Levels to NPCSD Operations

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Plan A

All Students Every Day In-Person

Plan A

All Students Every Day In-Person

Plan B

Modified In-Person



Remote learning on off days

Plan C

All Students Remote Learning

  • Ohio Department of Health announcements to be held each Thursday, District response will be the following Monday for parental planning.

  • The District or an individual building may be directed to close by the New Philadelphia Health Department.

  • If teacher and staff COVID19 absenteeism outpaces available substitutes, school may shift to a different Plan.

When will the district notify families about the modified schedule groups?

The week of August 10th we will mail out letters that include which student group your child is in under Plan B.  We are working to ensure all households are assigned the same group.

If the district is operating in Plan B would siblings at different schools attend on the same alternating days, even if they have different last names?

Yes, that is our goal. 

With Plan B, why not have them attend consecutive days (Mon/Tues vs Mon/Thur)?

We did consider the consecutive days model, but this results in students being home for 5 days. We felt that was too long of a time away. 

If we are in Plan A or Plan B and a student needs to self-quarantine due to possible COVID exposure, will they do their work remotely with their normal teachers or with a different set of teachers?

If the student is out for a limited time, they will stay with their regular teachers as long as they can still do work from home. 

Will students be provided a computer for remote learning?

Yes, all students in grades K-12 who attend the New Philadelphia City Schools or the New Philadelphia Virtual Academy will be provided with a Chromebook for their learning.

If one school in the district has a spike in cases would you consider putting just that building online, and not necessarily the entire district?

Yes, as we go between the different back to school scenarios, all decisions will be made to keep as many students as possible in classrooms.

What will we do with school supplies, and will kids share them?

No, there will be no sharing of school supplies. Each student will need their own.

Will we still have aides and paraprofessionals to support students on IEP’s?


How can there be social distancing on a school bus?

It is not maintaining social distance. When we are in Plan A, the County will be at a lower risk level. If we are in Risk Level 3 and Plan B,  there will be fewer students and more distancing on the bus. We will require masks on the bus for all students in grades 4-12 under all plans.

Will we provide Mental Health and Social-Emotional Health support, especially for younger kids?

Yes, our social-emotional support team is working together to develop a plan that addresses these concerns for all students and staff.

What precautions is the District taking to maximize the health & safety of all students and staff?

The District is working with State and local health officials to develop a plan that maximizes the health and safety of all.  In addition to closely partnering with public health agencies to keep up-to-date on this evolving situation, the New Philadelphia City Schools are following enhanced safety practices to minimize the spread of illness and to encourage good health.  Safe school plans are in place at each of our schools. We encourage preventative actions, including:

Routinely cleaning frequently touched surfaces, washing hands frequently, health screenings, and practicing respiratory etiquette (e.g. covering coughs and using tissue).

The custodial staff will have the proper equipment and supplies to disinfect and sanitize.  The team will clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, such as workstations, desks, railing, and door handles as recommended by the health professionals with hospital-grade disinfectants.  Cleaning and disinfecting products used are approved by the CDC and EPA to kill COVID19.  Disinfectant cleaners will be provided to all staff so that commonly touched surfaces can be cleaned by all employees before each use.  The district will obtain PPE and other supplies.  For example, infrared thermometers, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, large volumes of CDC & EPA approved disinfectant, bulk quantities of N95 and other face masks,  face shields, polycarbonate sheeting for barriers, and signage.

When will I learn about my child’s schedule?

As soon as we can, which is typically in the month of August.  Our goal is to have schedules posted in the Parent Portal by August 20th.  As enrollment changes, so do schedules.  Therefore, we will not have final schedules until then.  Also, with the uncertainties of the COVID19 situation, we will have to be flexible and we may need to make adjustments as the year progresses.  High-quality instruction, health & safety, and social-emotional health will be at the center of all of our decision making.

When will I learn my child’s bus route?

Transportation is available for all students who live one mile or more from their school.  Our goal is to have routes mailed to you by the end of July.  This will be earlier than usual.  The route times may need to be adjusted/improved as families may select the 100% virtual option or not utilize school transportation.  We will mail out updated routes by the week of August 24th.

What is the expected time schedule for each building?

York, East, Central, West, and South Elementary schools will have longer times spans for families to drop off their children if they do not choose to utilize school transportation.  Doors will open at 8:45 am and classes will begin at 9:15 am.  Students may be picked up from 3:45 pm to 4:00 pm.

WMS & NPHS will open their doors earlier at 7:20 am with classes beginning at 7:30 am.  Classes will end at 2:35 pm.

New Philadelphia Virtual Academy

What is the New Philadelphia Virtual Academy?

All students (K-12) who choose this option will learn at home, with instruction from New Philadelphia City School District teachers.  This option will include,

  • 100% online learning option for families who prefer a virtual education

  • Students/Families are asked to make 9-week commitments to NPVA

  • Available for students in grades K-12

  • Available to students who reside in the New Philadelphia City School District and/or who attended New Philadelphia City School District last year

  • Taught by New Philadelphia teachers with New Philadelphia values 

Who is eligible to enroll in New Philadelphia Virtual Academy?

This is available for all students in grades K-12 who reside in the New Philadelphia City School District and/or who attended New Philadelphia City School District last year.

How much time will my student spend doing school work during the day/year?

Students may work on their assignments and learning tasks at any time of the day or week.  This allows students to work at their own pace while having access to high-quality curriculum and New Philadelphia City School District’s teachers.  

Students are expected to work 5 to 5.5 hours per school day. Students may work up to ten hours per day to "get ahead" or to "catch up" if they choose. At the end of the school year, students must have 920 hours of attendance (or 230 hours per quarter).

If my student is enrolled in the New Philadelphia Virtual Academy, will they still be able to participate in band/sports?

Yes, they are eligible to participate following the same guidelines as students attending in-person.

Will the New Philadelphia Virtual Academy offer AP courses?

The New Philadelphia Virtual Academy will not offer AP.  


Will the New Philadelphia Virtual Academy offer Gifted courses? 

The New Philadelphia Virtual Academy will not offer Gifted courses.   

When do I need to enroll/select this option?

Families can enroll or select the 100% online option beginning the Week of August 3rd.  We are asking families to make their decision by August 10th, so we can properly prepare and staff the New Philadelphia Virtual Academy.  Classes begin August 31st.

Can I change my mind throughout the school year?

Yes, the New Philadelphia City School District has designed these options to help students seamlessly transition to and from traditional school and eSchooling.  We understand that situations may change for families as the year progresses, therefore, enrollment in this option is flexible.  For educational and planning purposes we are asking for families to make transitions at the nine-week marks. 

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