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Winter Weather Procedures
 During winter weather when snow and ice make road conditions unsafe, a decision as to remain in session as normal, utilize snow routes, delay or cancel school for the day may be necessary.  A decision will be made as early as possible and information shall be announced on or before 6:00 am (depending on conditions)
All Closures and 2 Hour Delays will be announced on the following Radio and TV Stations, along with parents/guardians being notified by phone with the district's "All Call" system. 
  • WJER – 1450 AM
  • WTUZ – 99.9 FM
  • Channel- 3
  • Channel -5
  • Channel -8

When a 2 Hour Delay has been implimented,  your child's normal schedule is delayed by 2 hours. This means that Transporation will run on a 2 hour delay schedule with buses picking up students 2 hours later than normal pickup time and Buildings will be open 2 hours after normal times.  Schools will still lbe dissmissed at normal dissmissal. 

Preschool: Morning Preschool is considered "cancelled" when there is a 2 hour delay, Afternoon Preschool will report as normal.  

Winter Weather Procedures FAQ's

Q. When is the decision to delay or cancel school made?
A. As early as possible.  Usually, the decision to delay or cancel school will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.  In some cases, the decision may be made the night before, if weather conditions warrant.  We cannot make decisions to delay or cancel school based upon a forecast alone.  

Q. Where should parents check to see if school is canceled or delayed?
A. As soon as a decision is made, the information will appear almost immediately on the District’s Facebook and Webpage. Cancellations and delays will also be mass called with our “all call” system. Local television (Cleveland Channels 3 & 8) and radio stations (WJER & WTUZ) will broadcast any school delays and cancellations. 

Q. What factors are taken into consideration when making the decision to delay or cancel school?
A. Student safety is the ultimate factor in determining whether school needs to be delayed or canceled. This includes visibility, traction, and temperature.  The timing of a storm may also be an issue. If snow is falling when buses are set to begin their routes, we may need a delay for road crews to get on top of the situation.

Q. If the start of a school day must be delayed, how will the day run? 
A. Whenever there is a two-hour delay the district’s bus and start time schedule is pushed back two hours from normal times in the morning.  The ending times and bus drop-off times remain the same as a typical day.

Q. If school is canceled, what happens to scheduled extracurricular activities?
A. In the event school is canceled due to inclement weather, there will be a seperate decision made with regards to practices and games/performances.   Practices may take place once roads are safe to travel, contingent upon weather conditions and the forecast for the remainder of the day. The Athletic Director and Superintendent are responsible for the decision regarding practices.

Decisions about games or performances on calamity days will be made in collaboration with all of the schools involved.

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