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Open Enrollment and Building Transfer for 2018-2019 School year

Open Enrollment & Building Transfer Options

Open Enrollment and Building Transfer Forms will be completed and submitted on-line ( under the Parent Portal Link) based on the timeline listed below.

All current students, both transfer and open enrollment, are required to apply for each school year.


Building Transfers                        Begin Accepting Applications

Building Transfer - February 5

Applications will be accepted beginning February 5th at 12:01AM online only

*No early submissions

Open Enrollment (Out of District)  Begin Accepting Applications

Returning OE Students Only - February 19

Public - March 5

Applications will be accepted beginning February 19th at 12:01AM online only and March 5th at 12:01AM online only. *No early submissions

Open Enrollment and Building Transfers will be accepted after the dates shown above; however, will be considered on a first come-first served basis and as space is available.

Kindergarten Registration Timeline

Registration - Open until February 28th - Online registration

Kindergarten Open Enrollment and Building Transfer Requests will be available beginning March 1st via the Online Registration Process.    

Kindergarten Open Enrollment and Building Transfer Requests will not be determined until August 1, 2018.

Kindergarten Screening - March 5-9 (You will be contacted to schedule a time)

Open Enrollment Policy

Ohio law, along with the New Philadelphia City Board of Education board policy, allows parents/guardians to enroll their children in a school with in the New Philadelphia City School District rather than their district of residence by completing an open enrollment application and being approved by the incoming district.

Open enrollment applications are filled on a first-come, first served basis, according to space. New students having siblings already in the New Philadelphia City School District will have preference over other new students, but will have applications approved in the same manner as other students.

High school students who transfer school districts through open enrollment must follow Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules for participating on athletic teams. Typically, athletic eligibility is determined by the school in which the student is attending during their 9th grade year. OHSAA rules for transfer and athletic eligibility are very specific and must be followed by law.

Go to and then click on Board Policy under the links and search for Board Polcy JECBB

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is open enrollment?  A parent or guardian residing in an Ohio school district may enroll their child in a school in the New Philadelphia City School District without paying tuition, provided they comply with open enrollment deadlines and procedures and their student is accepted by the New Philadelphia City School District. This is also called Inter-district open enrollment by some and in Board Policy. Forms must be completed and approved process.

How do I apply?  Online through the “Parent Portal” on the district website

What is the deadline for filing for open enrollment?  See above for timelines and due dates.  Open enrollment is filled on a first-come, first-served basis, according to space, so it is important to file your application as early as possible.

Does each child need to file an application?  Yes.

Do I need to reapply each year that my child attends school in the New Philadelphia City School District under open enrollment?  Yes.

Can my request be denied?  Generally, a request can be denied if filing deadlines are not met, if there is not classroom space for the student, or due to discipline history.

Do we need to open enroll if we move and want to remain in this school district?  Yes. You must file for open enrollment promptly after your move, or you may be denied.

Is there any cost involved?  There is no tuition charge for open enrolled children. However, parents are responsible for any and all miscellaneous fees for participation in courses, classes, or activities, the same as resident students are expected to pay.

Whom should I contact with further questions?  You may contact Kathy Joseph - 330 - 364-0600 - x4007

Parent Responsibilities:

1.    If you move from the school district you currently live in during the term of the open enrollment, it is your responsibility to notify the New Philadelphia City School District.

2.  Approval for one child in a family does not guarantee approval for other children in the same family. Each child in a family must have an open enrollment request filed for him/her.

3.  High school pupils who transfer from one school district to another under open enrollment may lose athletic eligibility. For questions on athletic eligibility, please refer to the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s website,, or call the OHSAA at 614-267-2502

4.  Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school.

5.  All school fees must be paid and up to date prior to the date of application. If fees are not paid in full, the application will go to the bottom of the list

For more information or questions, contact:

Kathy Joseph - Central Registration - New Philadelphia Administration Office - 248 Front Ave. SW

330 364-0600

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