NPCSD Is CLOSED to Students Until Further Notice

Board of Education

April 6, 2020 at 7:30pm Special Meeting  - Click Here for the Live Stream


The New Philadelphia City School District will be closed to students until further notice.
During this time, there will be no school or school-sponsored athletics, activities, or meetings.
Student instruction will continue and food will be available to all children 18 years of age or younger.

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NPCSD Alternative Learning Plan During Extended School Closure and other COVID-19 Information

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WMS Dress Code

Student Dress Code

We feel there is a relationship between appearance and the attitude with which a student approaches learning. Therefore, a personal dress code built on mere fashion will become outmoded within a few years, especially in our changing world. A code which places emphasis on individual responsibility for general good grooming and dress should remain in effect.

Since our community residents, school board members, staff and students take pride in the district’s image, it is essential that a student dress and grooming code enhances the educational process and fosters a positive attitude toward learning and behavior.  It must also provide for a healthy and safe atmosphere devoid of distractions.

Note: The interpretation and judgment relative to the student dress and grooming code rest solely on school officials and is final.  Not all dress and grooming items can be listed in any code; therefore, extremes in dress and grooming are not permitted and are determined at the discretion of school officials.  The code will be reviewed periodically by the Board of Education and administration with input from teachers and representatives, parent representatives and representatives from the student body through either a survey or meeting, at the discretion of school officials.

Students who are in violation of the dress and grooming code may receive disciplinary consequences, as well as, being sent home to correct the violation.  Students may also be sent to the office or DMR to await clothing being brought from home to correct the dress and grooming code violation. Class time missed due to a violation is considered to be unexcused time.  Thus, assignments, test, quizzes, etc... missed while correcting a dress and grooming violation may result in a grade of a zero and may not be made up.

Parents/Guardians are requested to review these dress and grooming code items with their children.  In addition parents/guardians are requested to preview their child(ren)’s dress prior to sending them to school or school functions.  Should parents or students have a question regarding a particular garment, the student or parent may bring the item in to school for an assessment as to whether the particular item meets the code specifications prior to wearing the item to school.

School sponsored uniforms may receive an exception to some of the rules below.  In addition, participation in a school sponsored extra-curricular or co-curricular activity may involve adhering to more stringent dress and grooming codes.

Backpacks:  Backpacks or other types of book bags and satchels (or purses large enough to carry books) are not permitted in the hallways, cafeteria, lobby areas or classrooms.  All backpacks and other like items must be stored in the student’s locker upon arriving to school and are only to be used for carrying books to and from school. Exceptions can be made for injured or disabled students.

Coats and Jackets:  Coats and jackets are not permitted in the classroom and must be stored in the student’s locker.  Students are not permitted to wear the hood while in the school building. It is recommended that students have a sweater or hoodie available at school during the winter months as temperatures in the classrooms may fluctuate.

Disruptive Clothing/Jewelry/Tattoos: Jewelry, clothing, tattoos, drawings, or sayings (stated or implied) which refer to drugs, violence, alcohol, sex, gangs, or hate groups will not be permitted to be worn.  Obscenities (stated or implied) will not be permitted. Jewelry must be modest and conservative. Any clothing, jewelry, insignias, etc. relating to gangs or disruptive groups or determined by school officials to be a potential weapon, such as spiked jewelry is prohibited.  Any clothing with pictures, sayings, or designs intended to degrade or “make fun of” and individual or group is inappropriate for school. Wallet chains and clothing with chains in the design are not permitted. Hanging or dangling jewelry is not recommended for school.

Dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.:  Dresses, skirts, shorts etc., must be no shorter than mid- thigh length and fit properly. Shorts are permitted year round (Basketball long-style athletic shorts are permitted). Athletic cut (track style/soffe style) sport shorts, bicycle shorts, cutoffs, shorts manufactured to look like cutoffs, spandex shorts, swim wear, and boxer shorts are not permitted. Shorts and skirts may be no shorter than mid-thigh length and must fit properly.  Students are not permitted to roll shorts up at the waist or the leg to make them shorter than this policy permits.

Good repair:  Only clothing that is clean and in good repair is permitted to be worn at school.  Rips or tears in jeans may not be above mid thigh.

Grooming:  Students must be clean and well groomed while at school.  Students should not have an offensive body odor or heavy perfume/cologne that is distracting or irritating to others.  Good hygiene is the expectation at school.

Hair:  Hair must be clean and well groomed, and may not be combed in such a manner that hair covers the eyes.  Hair may be tinted or dyed colors (bright colors may be deemed distracting and deemed inappropriate for school); however, hair is not to be fashioned in a manner that is distracting or that may interfere with teaching and learning in the classroom. Students may not wear any head covering that is not due to a medical or religious need.

Modest dress:  Students are not permitted to wear clothing that is form fitting, clothing that is sheer or see-through, or low cut/plunging neckline clothing that exposes cleavage or the chest whether standing, sitting, or bending or kneeling.   Students may wear camis under clothing to comply with this code. Students are not permitted to wear athletic cut tops that expose the chest or stomach through the arm cut. Bare backs, bare midriffs and low cutting/plunging neckline tops are not permitted.  There should be no exposed skin or undergarment between the top of the pants and the bottom of the shirt or top. Swim wear is inappropriate for school.

Outside wear:  Students may wear sunglasses, hats, caps, visors, head coverings, gloves, mittens or clothing that covers the hands or bandanas outside of school.  These items may not be worn inside the school and are to be removed when entering the building and placed in the student’s locker.

Pajamas and sleepwear:  Pajamas and sleepwear are not appropriate as outer wear clothing at school (examples of such include, but are not limited to fleece and flannel pajama pants and loungewear).  Exceptions may be made during spirit week activities.

Pants:  All pants and shorts should be worn at the appropriate height and fastened to stay at or over the waistline and not be oversized/undersized or have the appearance of being oversized/undersized.  The length of pants unrolled does not permit the pant to touch the floor. Sagging pants, (pants worn below the waistline) are inappropriate. Pants are considered sagging if the pants drop when the belt is unbuckled or drop below the waistline when worn or if the pants are two sizes larger than the waist, and/or the crotch is lower than mid thigh length.  Sagging pants may not be covered by long t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, coats, or jackets. Belts are recommended but not required. However, both of these items may be required to address violations of the dress and grooming code.

Shoes:  Shoes are required at all times.  Slippers are not permitted.

Sleeveless shirts:  Seamed sleeveless shirts and dresses are permitted provided that they do not expose any undergarment, cover the shoulder, and are modest in cut.  Sleeveless is defined as a shirt in which the material on the shoulder touches the base of the neck as well as the outer shoulder. At minimum, there should be at least 3 inches of material between the base of the neck and the shoulder.  Note: tank tops, and spaghetti-strap tops are not the same as sleeveless shirts.

Underwear and undergarments: Students are to wear appropriate undergarments while at school.  Undergarments are not to be exposed at any time while on school grounds.  This includes when the student is standing, sitting, kneeling or bending. Outerwear must cover underwear and undergarments at all times. Undergarments include students wearing athletic wear or shorts or pajamas as undergarments.

Windpants and sweatpants:  Windpants and sweatpants are permitted if worn in an appropriate manner-at the waistline and with ankle and leg zipped.  Pants of any kind may not drag the floor. Windpants and sweatpants with logos or sayings across the seat of the pants are not permitted during regular school hours.  

The interpretation and judgment relative to the student dress and grooming code rest solely with school officials and is final.

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